With ADMIT ONE, you can use e-tickets on your iOS or Android devices to check in for flights, go to concerts,  get in to movies, or any other event that requires a ticket with a QR/barcode.


This project required to design a native app for both iOS and Android based devices.  I decided to develop ADMIT ONE, an app that allows the user to easily store and retrieve online tickets.

My goal was to create a clean design, in which the user could navigate intuitively. ADMIT ONE is an app designed to be used quickly. The user must be able to find the ticket he needs with just a few clicks, without wasting time reminding himself of the various steps needed to get to the desired screen.


Material Design and iOS Human Interface guidelines offer comprehensive guides on how to create usable, clear and aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

Working on these premises and developing the same app for both systems was a formidable and fascinating challenge, which allowed me to get to the bottom of understanding these design systems


Since this task was mainly focused on the creation of two UIs, much of the attention was devoted to the definition of user flows and the creation of wireframes. However, I also spent time researching the product, identifying competitors and studying the main pain points of the most common apps to save online tickets.


  • Allow the users to view and show their ticket at the entrance.
  • Let the users add and delete tickets.
  • Give the users the possibility to arrange the tickets, modifying them and adding categories.


Once the user flows were established and the first low fidelity wireframe was created, I continued developing the 2 interfaces individually, carefully studying for each screen, which were the best practices and functions indicated respectively by the Material Design and Human Interface Design guidelines. 

Working on the wireframes, it soon became clear that the flows are also influenced by the constraints of the two guides and that I would have to make some changes upstream, so that the functionality of the two versions clearly reflected the spirit of the respective guidelines.



Creating the graphics for the two versions of the app was an interesting challenge.

Once the visual identity of the brand was defined, I had to create two apps that were both consistent with the brand identity and impeccable in terms of design guidelines. I opted for a simple UI that could seamlessly contain all the graphical patterns of the two design guidelines.

Apart from consistent use of the brand's colour palette, I worked on the representation of the cards so that they resembled real paper tickets. As the user browses the tickets and clicks one, it unfolds as a real ticket, to reveal additional information and the qr/bar code.

All ticket actions can be performed thanks to intuitive buttons harmoniously integrated into the design.



Below you can navigate through the different screens of the two versions of ADMIT ONE.